Naples Annual Gobble Gobble Run

The annual Gobble Gobble four miler was run yesterday in our fair town with an estimated 2,400 participants raising money for St. Mathews House – a homeless shelter here in town. What better way to Give Thanks than to enjoy some exercise and improve your health while at the same time helping others?

The event started at 7:30 Am with a beautiful rendition of our National Anthem played by a single bugler in the open air. Hats were off, voices raised and even the local upper floor condo dwellers looked down on the patriotic start to the run. Then off we went, some walking or walk/running and a few top athletes showing us all how it is done with a winning time of twenty minutes – five-minute miles! After a lot of preparation for this event I can run five-minute half miles but these guys are something!

Check out our main web page for upcoming events in Naples, but know this – a Naples best address is going to give you access to a whole nother way of life for you here in town. A fantastic beach (still no oil folks), restaurants, shopping, and all the fun of the great outdoors – golf, fish, run, bike, walk or just soak it up.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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